Boho Love

Bring home the magic of love with BOHO LOVE, our new and most exclusive Bohemian line! BOHO LOVE is the result of many years of selection, special cultivation methods and loving care and attention. This enchanting and unique plant is characterised by its compact size, abundance of flowers and spectacular, distinct shape. The short stems grow in the outline of a breaking wave and cascade graciously over the plant displaying their wonderful large flowers.

The incredibly strong BOHO LOVE requires hardly any support and has an extremely long life. BOHO LOVE plants will suit every spot in the home and are a true eye-catcher in any style of interior. These qualities mean that you can enjoy BOHO LOVE for a long time. BOHO LOVE’s unique look also makes the plant perfect for flower arrangements.

BOHO LOVE is available in a variety of sensational colours.

Water reservoir 

The original habitat of orchids is the tropical rainforest, where they grow on trees without taking nutrients from the tree. Orchids do not grow in soil but have air roots that absorb water and nutrients. For this reason, a phalaenopsis orchid does not need much water, but it does like a humid climate.

BOHO LOVE is therefore exclusively supplied with a special water reservoir. This creates the right humidity for the plant between watering sessions and reduces stress. The result is a longer and more exuberant display of flowers.

It’s best to leave this reservoir in place, even if you put BOHO LOVE in a decorative pot. The reservoir has a special overflow so you can be sure you will never overwater the plant. Simply water the plant as usual - once a week - and drain excess water from the ornamental pot.

BOHO LOVE will reward you with lots of love in return!