About Piko Plant

The secret of the mysterious and exclusive Bohemian Orchids is hidden at Dwarskade in Nootdorp (near The Hague), at the modern phalaenopsis nursery run by Piko Plant.  For more than 35 years, we have devoted our passion and expertise to growing, selecting and breeding the most exclusive varieties of phalaenopsis for the upper market segment. Our Bohemian Orchids are unique, distinctive, exclusive and chic.

We are driven by quality. Our commitment to quality has been guaranteed for more than 35 years and is an aspect we are not prepared to compromise. We select the best partners for each stage of the production process, from suppliers to exporters. Our strength is our craftmanship, our passion and our ambition to achieve pure perfection. 


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How we work

We apply the latest techniques and insights at our nursery to guarantee that our plants are of the highest possible quality and to offer an exclusive collection. Many of the processes are automated, but the experienced ‘green fingers’ of our team still examine each plant individually. That involves pure craftmanship and knowledge. Our orchids are treated with love and attention, so they leave our nursery at the peak of perfection.

In addition, our Bohemian Orchids spend more time at the nursery than usual. We allow the plants this extra breathing space to steadily develop into strong, robust and healthy plants that consumers can enjoy for a long time.




Piko Plant is a true family business with a history dating back more than 50 years at its site at Dwarskade in Nootdorp. In 1957 Piet de Koning (PiKo) started a nursery growing cucumbers and tomatoes. In the early 1970s, the Koning family switched to growing cut flowers, initially gerberas, followed by cymbidiums - an orchid variety suitable for cutting.

This fanned the flames to ignite a passion for orchids. In the early 1980s, the first pot of phalaenopsis was cultivated. In 1989, Arno de Koning took over the management of the company from his parents. The nursery soon reached the stage where growth was necessary and expansion projects were completed in two phases in 1998 and 2004. The last construction project, for the time being, was finished in 2012. This was the most radical redesign and ultimately doubled the surface area of the nursery.
The nursery now extends to cover 44,000 m2, including a second cultivation level of 3,500 m2.

In 2018, the love for the stunning phalaenopsis resulted in the foundation of Piko Breeding, the dedicated breeding division of Piko Plant. The unique varieties produced by Piko Breeding are now appreciated and valued in many countries for their exceptional quality and distinctive features.

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Quality is the priority at Piko Plant. To safeguard quality, we have been awarded the following certification: MPS GAP, MPS SQ, ETI and Productproof. Compliance with the standards is audited every year. This offers the assurance that we meet the strictest requirements in terms of quality assurance, traceability, the environment, labour conditions, safety and hygiene.